Le Roy René

If the craftsmen nougat makers of Roy René master the art of the nougat transmitted by their predecessors since 1920, they do not cease reinventing one of the most emblematic confectioneries of Provence. At the base, exceptional ingredients, which mixed with their imagination create new recipes such as white nougat with red fruits, pistachio, calisson or citrus fruits. Subtle marriages with fine and delicate aromas.

Assortiment de nougat


Assortiment de nougats

Nougat pistache du Roy René


Barre de nougat blanc au calisson du Roy René

Nougat blanc au calisson

Barre de nougat aux agrumes bio du Roy René

Nougats aux agrumes bio

Nougat cassis et framboise du Roy René

Nougat cassis et framboise

Boîte distributrice traditionnelle du Roy René

DISTRIBUTORY BOX - Traditional flavours

Coffret découverte petits nougats du Roy René


Nougat fruits rouges snacking du Roy René

Nougat fruits rouges snacking

Nougat agrumes snacking BIO du Roy René

Nougat agrumes snacking BIO


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