Le Roy René

Created in 1920 in Aix-en-Provence, Le Roy René is a family business, specializing in the production of Provencal confectionery. Now a century old, our company has passed through the ages, perpetuating its know-how and the purity of its gestures.

We have always made our sweets using exceptional raw materials, which we select meticulously. Let us take you on a unique Provencal journey.

The story of a great king

The story of a great king

And the origin of the calissons

The good King René was born in Angers in 1409 and died in Aix en Provence at the age of 71. He was 25 years old when he became Duke of Anjou, Count of Provence and Forcalquier, King of Naples, Jerusalem, Sicily and Aragon

In Aix-en-Provence and Angers, he maintained a literary and learned court. A lover of the arts, he also had a passion for horticulture

He was responsible for the Botanical Garden of Marseille and in his test garden, he cultivated varieties of roses, herbs and all sorts of flowers, as well as lemon, fig, cherry, apricot and almond trees.
The story of a great king
King René was one of the most important, curious and original patrons of the late Middle Ages. This is how he forged his reputation as the "Good King". He himself did not disdain, as a poet, to compose in verse a courtly novel and chivalry: Le livre du coeur d'amour épris " written at the age of 48.

Widowed, He had remarried 3 years earlier in 1454 to Jeanne de Laval renowned for her beautý.

It was during this marriage that his pastry cook would have made, according to legend, a confection in the shape of a smile.

King René offered it to Jeanne; when she tasted it, her face lit up. The court, surprised and curious, then asked: "But what do you call these sweets that make the Queen smile?" The King is said to have answered: "Di calin soun", "They are cuddles"! Since then, the famous Calisson (calin soun), a mixture of crushed almonds, candied melon placed on a sheet of ostia and topped with royal ice has become a gourmet intangible heritage of the city of Aix en Provence.
A saga from Provence

a saga

from Provence

The year is 1920. Ernest Guillet opens, in the heart of Aix-en-Provence, a small confectioner's workshop that smells of grilled almonds, candied melon, honey and pistachio. These treasures, born from the earth and the sun of Provence, are transformed in his cauldrons into small miracles, into sweets that are the delights of the region. It is so good that very quickly the trumpets of fame make Ernest's nougats and calissons the most coveted delights of Provence

A century later, from son to daughter and son-in-law, three generations of nougat makers, calissoniers, chocolate makers, confectioners will succeed each other in the factory now installed on the famous National 7 road at the exit of Aix en Provence
A saga from Provence
Today, Confiserie Le Roy René is actively involved in protecting the environment. Thanks to a CSR approach built around 3 pillars that reflect our strengths, and our main areas of progress. Firstly by accelerating the plan to revive almond trees in Provence by working in partnership with farmers, respecting biodiversity by promoting pollination by insects, supporting the agricultural sector and finally participating in the protection of birds with the League for the Protection of Birds.

Through its collaboration with the association Act For Planet, La Confiserie Le Roy René has already participated in the planting of an almond grove of nearly three hectares around the factory is a strong symbol of this commitment. 1]
At the very heart of this factory is the Calisson Museum, which will take you on a journey through the decades and the history of our know-how.

Sources : Book " Calisson Nougat Le Roy René - Recettes de Provence " published by La Martinière
Author: Marie-Catherine De La Roche