Le Roy René

Today, the Confiserie du Roy René is a hundred years old and has been awarded the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company) label. The company perpetuates its know-how and traditions while actively committing itself to the preservation of the environment and favoring short supply chains. Through the various actions it has taken, Le Roy René, which is now located in a Mediterranean Sustainable Building, has optimized the way it produces its sweets while reducing its ecological footprint. This dual commitment to respect the environment and the search for excellence is reflected in various collaborations and actions.

Protection de la biodiversité



As a member and patron of the Act for Planet association, Le Roy René is committed to supporting citizen, collective or entrepreneurial initiatives in the fields of agriculture, livestock and agroforestry. The association finances tree plantations on farmland in Provence and since 2019, nearly 900 chestnut trees have already been planted in agroforestry on the Plateau du Contadour in the Alpes de Haute-Provence. 1]
Planting trees on farmland in Provence helps to combat global warming by absorbing CO2, restoring biodiversity by promoting pollination by insects, and also fighting against soil erosion and protecting birds.

Act for Planet et le Roy René soutiennent également la filière apicole et participent à la protection des oiseaux avec la Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux.

ACT for planet
Preservation of the environment



The Roy René factory is housed in an eco-responsible building with the Bâtiment Durable Méditerranéen (Mediterranean Sustainable Building) label, a first in the agri-food sector in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region. The building is made up of 1,000 blocks of Castillon stone, reminiscent of the streets of Aix. This highly inert material provides excellent insulation. Electrical control and energy savings are a priority; thus the roof of the building is covered with 1200 solar panels whose power is equivalent to 750f the site's useful power. The factory is also equipped with a biological purification station, heat pumps, and manages its green spaces in bio.

Afin de favoriser le recyclage des emballages, le Roy René effectue un choix rigoureux de ses matériaux :

  • Sélection de cartons issus de forêts gérées durablement, utilisation de métal et de verre étant recyclables à l’infini.

  • Sélection de méthodes d’impression responsables par l’utilisation d’encres végétales.

  • Utilisation minimale de plastique pour le maintien de la fraîcheur et la réduction du gaspillage alimentaire.

  • Suppression des perturbateurs de tri.



Au travers de partenariats actifs, le Roy René soutient les producteurs locaux des matières premières qu’il emploie.
Around the almond of Provence

Around the almond of Provence :

Since 2015, Le Roy René has been at the origin of the first reflections on the revival of the almond industry in Provence

Founding member of the Steering Committee of the revival project, administrator of the Syndicat des Producteurs d'Amandes de Provence and above all administrator of France Amandes, the first interprofessional organization of the almond industry, our commitment with all the other actors of the industry, has allowed the planting of nearly 600 hectares of almond trees in the Provence-Alpes-Côte-D'azur region since 2016

A long-lasting relationship has been established with producers to revive the cultivation of the almond tree in Provence, by offering them a large local outlet thanks to long-term purchase contracts.

France Amande
Around the almond of Provence
Around the factory, in the Gardens of Roy René is planted a production almond grove of 300 trees, next to a garden of regional and Mediterranean plants, as well as a heritage orchard composed of fifty almond trees of 19 Provencal varieties. The almond of Provence is used to make the calissons of Aix du Roy René.
Autour du melon de Cavaillon

Around the cavaillon melon :

It is with the confectioners of Apt that this partnership was built, aiming to revalue each year the contracts of purchase of melon locally and to lead a part of the sector in organic farming.

The candied melon of Apt enters the composition of the calisson paste.
With the beekeepers :

With the beekeepers :

Within the gardens of Roy René, we participate in the protection of bees and other pollinating insects. In this area of more than 3 hectares, cultivated according to the rules of organic farming and agroecology, a meadow of melliferous flowers has been sown in the inter-rows of our almond grove.

A partnership has been established with beekeepers to preserve the Provence bee industry. In this context, in 2020 Roy René became the owner of 10 beehives which were entrusted to a beekeeper who moves them in Provence throughout the year.
Around the pistachio :

Around the pistachio :

Le Roy René is one of the founding members of the association Pistache en Provence, whose goal is to promote and defend the revival of the cultivation of the pistachio in Provence, and more particularly to support and advise farmers or individuals wishing to engage in this culture. From the first harvests, in 2022, these Provençal pistachios will be used for the making of Roy René nougats.
Pistachio in Provence
PME - Label des entreprises engagées

Striving for excellence and

Passing on our heritage

Le Roy René is IFS (International Featured Standards) certified, which guarantees a high level of quality and food safety. These commitments have led the company to be awarded the PME+ label, in accordance with specifications derived from the ISO 26 000 standard. The objective is to guarantee the CSR policy implemented on the basis of a rigorous and demanding reference framework and always in a continuous progress and improvement process.

Recherche de l’excellence

Now a century old, Le Roy René is proud to have preserved the traditional know-how passed down through three generations. The company has been awarded the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company) label, which places it among the French houses of excellence.

EPV - signature

As such, the company invests in learning and "tourism of know-how", with the Calisson Museum, in the respect and preservation of the heritage values of its territory.

Recherche de l'Excellence

The search for excellence also leads us to continue to invest in our production tools in order to modernise them and limit our environmental impact. It is in this context that the company has benefited from aid granted by the FEADER "European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, Europe invests in rural areas". We would like to thank the European Union, the SUD PACA Region and the Bouches du Rhône Departmental Council for their financial support

Recherche de l’excellence

Male / Female Index

Soucieux d'encourager la parité, Le Roy René veille à défendre l'égalité homme femme. Ces efforts se reflètent dans la note de 82/100 obtenue auprès de la Direction Régionale des Entreprises, de la Concurrence, de la Consommation, du Travail et de l'Emploi* pour l'année 2021. Dans le cadre du respect de l’égalité entre les hommes et les femmes au sein des sociétés, les entreprises de plus de 50 salariés calculent tous les ans des indicateurs relatifs aux écarts de rémunération entre les hommes et les femmes.