Le Roy René

The Infusions of King René

The first botanical garden in Marseille was created in the 15th century by King René, near the Saint-Victor Abbey on the current Rive Neuve quay. A true botanical enthusiast, he planted, pruned, and cared for these multiple varieties himself. In the bend of the alleys, one could discover roses, carnations, lemon trees, fig trees, white mulberry trees from China, cherry trees, apricot trees or almond trees.

The artisans of Roy René have created a collection that pays tribute to the passions of this illustrious patron. From the love of Queen Jeanne to the Day in the Orchard, each blend of organically grown plants reveals a delicate taste, preserved in metal boxes inspired by the jars of a Provencal herbalist's shop.

To be enjoyed hot or cold, the organic herbal teas enhance the well-being breaks and call for a journey of the senses throughout the day.