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  • Cherry & calisson clafoutis

    Cherry & calisson clafoutis

    sweet-recipes 18/09/2020
    The marriage of a seasonal fruit and a Provençal delicacy.For a holiday snack, Le Roy René and the culinary blogger “As green as possible” revisit the famous clafoutis  with calisson cream.
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  • Lemon & calisson cupcakes

    Lemon & calisson cupcakes

    sweet-recipes 18/09/2020
    With summer almost upon us, what could be better than a delicious, colourful and tangy recipe?The culinary blogger “Cuisine moi un mouton” brings us little lemon cupcakes with our calisson cream.
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  • Duo of choux buns

    Duo of choux buns

    sweet-recipes 17/09/2020
    For the All Saints’ Day holidays, make two recipes of choux buns at home: a choux buns with white nougat and another with black nougat!
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