Who said tiramisu was only made with coffee.
The culinary blogger “Cuisine moi un mouton” brings us a new vesion of the famous italian sweet in a Provencal dessert: a white nougat tiramisu.

A recipe in collaboration with CUISINE MOI UN MOUTON

20 minutes

Standing time
4 hours

8 people


400g mascarpone
80 g icing sugar
3 eggs
3 tbsp white nougat cream
36 sponge finger biscuits
80g pistachio nuts
1 coffee cup of instant coffee

For the decoration
3 tbsp mascarpone
200 ml of whole whipping cream
1 tbsp icing sugar
2 tbsp white nougat cream
pistachio nuts


Separate egg whites from yolks. Beat the sugar nd the yolks until the mixture is white.
Add the mascarpone and the white nougat cream. Mix to a creamy consistency.
Beat teh egg whites until stiff. Add the egg whites delicately and little by little with a spatula to the  mascarpone/white nougat mixture.
Add the crushed pistachio nuts and keep a few to one side for the decoration.
Put the mixture in the fridge.

Duk the biscuits in the coffee and line the bottom of your dish
Add a layer of cream, a drizzle of honey and then cover with a layer of biscuits dunked in the coffee, and continue layer by layer until you reach the top of the dish.
Fiish with a layer of cream. Place in the fridge for at least 4h.

Prepare the cream for the decoration:
Beat the cream until stiff with an electric whisk. When they cream starts to become thick, add the mascarpone and the nougat cream.
Continue beating until the cream is firm. You can add icing sugar if the mixture is not sweet enough.

Remove the tiramisu from the fridge and using a piping bag, decorate it with cream.
Sprinkle crushed pistachio nuts on top and add a fine drizzle of honey.



Mai 22, 2018
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