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Box of 230 g (73,48€ / kg)

Discover Le Roy René gourmet products from Provence. A lovely metal box filled with a delicious assortment of olivettes, little calissons, white nougat cubes, caramels and candied fruit.


Le Roy René Provençal sweets

Little Calissons: crushed almond, candied melon from Provence and orange peel, coated with royal icing
Nougat cubes: white nougat with honey, almonds and egg white
Olivettes: an almond heart coated with a layer of chocolate
Caramels with Calisson: Calisson pastry coated with a delicious caramel that melts in your mouth
Fruit jellies: madein the traditional way with fruit delicately cooked in the pan and rich in fruit pulp


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