Nougat from Provence :
discover the savoir-faire of Roy René

La Confiserie, Le Roy René, a House almost a hundred years old. It was in 1920 that Ernest Guillet, a lover of nougat, founded the Confiserie in the heart of Aix-en-Provence. Since then, the know-how of Provençal confectionery has been passed down from generation to generation thanks to passionate teams. At its origin, the Roy René was a nougaterie which was positioned only on this greediness of Provence. Since then, the company has grown and offers many sweets: calissons, nougats, biscuits… However, the nougat of Provence always has a central place within our Confectionery: our white nougats or black nougats will make your taste buds salivate.

La Confiserie le Roy René : a production of nougat from Provence in the purest tradition

The nougat has a very long history. According to some books, it has existed for over 1000 years now. Many countries manufacture and market this delicacy but the nougat of Provence remains a world reference. We therefore seek to perpetuate this ancestral tradition through time. We offer nougat in its most delicious forms: the famous white nougat from Provence but also black nougat and some fancy nougat. The nougat of Provence of Roy René is a mixture of ancestral tradition and innovation.

Discover the nougats of Roy René, an alliance of tradition and modernity

We try to renew ourselves by offering well-known recipes and other innovative variants:

    • The white nougat of Provence: probably the best known of the nougats of Provence, this bar is an irresistible blend of honey and almonds. Its soft side will melt you from the first bite.
    • Black nougat from Provence: consists of honey and crunchy almonds. It is one of the 13 desserts of Provence and is part of the core business of Roy René.
    • Our fancy nougats: A subtle blend of open boxes or original nougat bars (pistachios, raspberries, coconut caramel…).

Roy René keeps reinventing himself! This confectionery regularly proposes new variations of nougats to satisfy all the gourmands. Classic Provençal confectionery, the nougats of Roy René are the result of know-how perpetuated for nearly 100 years and are declined in four varieties: tradition white nougat, black nougat of Provence, nougat with candied fruits and fruit nuggets, dried fruits, lavender honey of Provence, candied fruits of Apt, as many ingredients delicately selected and cooked in a cauldron. The same precise and careful gestures, repeated for decades.