Created in 1920, Le Roy René is a family business specializing in Provençal confectionery.
Today, our soon-to-be one hundred year-old House brings you the traditional Calisson d’Aix, a collection of exceptional calissons with multiple flavours,
nougat from Provence, a collection of almond biscuits and other sweets, such as cream jams, candied fruit and many others.

Let yourself be transported on a gourmet Provençal journey, with know-how and quality raw materials.



Almost 100 years ...

The history of the company began in 1920 in the heart of Aix-en-Provence


Nougat: first love

In the heart of Aix-en-Provence, the historic capital of the almond, there was once a confectioner’s workshop called the “Nougaterie du Roy René”. In 1920, Ernest Guillet, a artisan, took over the workshop so that he could make his own nougat and calisson recipes there. Its way of working in the purest Provençal tradition guarantees its immediate success.


The return of the calisson

In 1947, his son René, decided to highlight a confectionery cult of the city of Aix-en-Provence, and emblem of the Provencal region: the most “Provencal cuddle”, the famous calisson d'Aix. This confectionery then became the heart of the activity of the house, to the point that the latter renamed itself “Calissons du Roy René” in 1948.

Maurice FARINE

The third generation

In 1980, Anne Guillet, daughter of René, took over the reins of the company and carried on the tradition, ensuring that calisson lovers could continue to enjoy all the flavour and fineness of this Provençal delicacy. She married Maurice Farine, who became CEO of the business, and helped to develop the company (modernization, specialized ranges, public reception).


A new impetus

At the service of this century-old know-how came the local child Olivier Baussan, founder of the OCCITANE, the Ecomusée de l'Olivier, Oliviers & Co and shareholder of the fine grocery stores Maison Brémond 1830.
After the lavender and the olive, this lover of Provence has great ambitions for almonds... and Calisson!



Managing Director, since 2014, Laure has been promising the Confiserie a brilliant future as a spokesperson for Provençal taste and flavours. "The calisson of Aix rocked my childhood... it was for me the expected moment of the Christmas Eve. Today, it is a common desire with our entire team to pass on this tradition. »


Legend & Tradition

Calisson is a unique confectionery that has traveled through history. In Aix-en-Provence it is considered as the heritage of the city and more widely as one of the gastronomic emblems of Provence and the Confiserie du Roy René doesn’t take it lightly.

The Calisson d’Aix recipe has remained unchanged since its creation. This complex mixture of finely ground sweet almonds, candied Provençal melon and orange peel, set on a thin layer of wafer and topped with royal icing, has always been made in the same way by confectioners.


Legend has it that the wedding between Jeanne de Laval and the Roy René took place in 1454, in Aix-en-Provence. On this occasion, the Confectioner of the King invented a new sweet for the beautiful but stern Queen. As she tasted this confectionery at the end of the wedding feast, her face lit up with a smile and she asked: “What do you call these delights? Di calin soun (these are little cuddles)”, came the reply, in Provencal. And so, the Calisson d’Aix entered into history, and their shape conjurs up the Queen’s smile.


Since 1630 the plague epidemic that had ravaged the Aix-en-Provence region ended. As a sign of gratitude, Assessor Martelly pledged to have a thanksgiving service dedicated to the Virgin of the Seds, patron saint of the City of Aix, celebrated every year. It was during one of these services that the Calissons were distributed. This tradition has been perpetuated over the centuries and still brings the people of Aix together today.  Thus, since 1630, the calissons have been blessed every first Sunday in September.


The Calisson is a unique confectionery that has been through history. Recognized as part of the heritage of the city of Aix-en-Provence and more broadly as one of the gastronomic emblems of Provence, the Confiserie du Roy René does not play with one of the most beautiful jewels of the land! Our confectioners make this complex blend of almonds from Provence and the Mediterranean, candied melon and orange peels grown exclusively in Provence, a delicate shell of royal ice cream and a leaf of unleavened bread.


The white gold of Confectioners

Le Roy René confectionery uses only Mediterranean almonds and especially almonds from Provence, which have more taste. If the local production is not sufficient today to satisfy all the needs, Olivier Baussan has a project to develop the Provencal almond market as his main priority.


Melon is the predominant fruit in this recipe (95% of the candied fruit), and produced exclusively in Cavaillon, Provence. Naturally sweet, it contributes to the final texture of the calisson. The melon is then candied in Apt – the world capital of candied fruit since the 14th century.


Roy René honours IGP lavender honey from Provence, known for its rarity and its typical fruity notes.

It is the emblem of Provence that sublimates the white and unctuous nougat of Roy René. The multi-flower honey of Provence is blended with almonds to give black nougat all its strength and crunchiness.


Spurred on by Olivier Baussan and Laure Pierrisnard, the Confectionery CEO, a major campaign to encourage the planting of almond trees has been launched.

The intention is simple: to boost the production of almonds in Provence by encouraging farmers to plant new hectares of almond trees, offering them a wide local output thanks to long term purchasing contracts.


1996 The award of Marketing, Honorary Nomination "Marketing Grand Public"

1999 Master of Gold, European General Masters Competition

2001 Award Jacques Léon-Tradition et Modernité, Fondation Louis Vouland

2003 Calisson Cream is the flavor of the year.

2006 Diploma of Honour of the Confrérie Gastronomique de la Marmite d’Or

2008 Calissons chips elected flavor of the year

2009 International Trophy of the Chefs d'Or

2001  Award for SIAL innovation

Certification of the EPV label (Living Heritage Company)

2014 Award for growth companies, Agri-food and Bio

Label of Mediterranean Sustainable Building

BPI France : Excellence, Potential for growth and innovation

2016 Label IFS : International Food Standard

Label SMETA : Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit