Pies, cakes, mousses


Pies, muffins, soft cakes or tiramisu,
make and taste our gourmet pastries made with calissons, white nougat, black nougat and fruit cooked in a cauldron.


Duo of choux buns

For the All Saints’ Day holidays, make two recipes of choux buns at home: a choux buns with white nougat and another with black nougat!

Figs and calisson cream for an appetizing Provençal and seasonal tartlet!

The marriage of a seasonal fruit and a Provençal delicacy. For a holiday snack, Le Roy René and the culinary blogger “As green as possible” revisit the clafoutis with calisson cream.


Apricot and white nougat tatin tart

For your summer holidays, Le Roy René revisits the recipe of the culinary blogger “Un déjeuner de soleil”, to offer you a fruity, appetizing, upside-down recipe: an apricot and white nougat cream tatin tart .

A few days away from summer, what could be better than a tangy, gourmand and colourful recipe? The culinary blogger “Cuisine moi un mouton” made with our calisson cream, small lemon cupcakes.

Who said tiramisu was only with coffee. This week, the culinary blogger “Cuisine moi un mouton” revisits the famous Italian sweet to make a Provençal dessert: a tiramisu with white nougat.

Raspberry and Calisson trifle

Let’s put some spring on our plates. In collaboration with the culinary blogger “Cuisine moi un mouton”, Roy René offers you little verrines filled with sunshine: raspberry, lemon and calisson.

A well-deserved snack break… The culinary blogger “Aime mange” unveils her gourmet recipe of heart-shaped Madeleines flowing with chestnut cream.

Add a touch of Provence to your famous homemade apple pie. Le Roy René and the culinary blogger “Cuisine moi un mouton”, revisit the traditional apple pie by combining pears, chocolate and calisson.

Crêpe cake with calisson

A few days from La Chandeleur, Le Roy René and the culinary blogger “Cuisine moi un mouton”, offer you a fruity, gourmet recipe: a cake made of raspberry and calisson pancakes.

New year and tradition once again: it’s back to the table for the Galette des Rois (12th night cake of the kings). But this year, we are adding a touch of Provence. The blogger “Les pépites de noisettes” has made a homemade galette des rois with calisson cream.

A few days before the end of the year celebrations, Roy René and the culinary blogger Virginie Besançon offer you a sweet and savoury gourmet recipe: a velouté with calisson and wild mushrooms.

Christmas Calisson Mousse

For your New Year’s dessert, Roy René and the culinary blogger Virginie Besançon, offer you a light delicacy: small verrines of mascarpone mousse and calisson.

Winter snacks… The culinary blogger “Spices and me” reveals small chestnut fondants with chestnut cream.

We enjoy the last rays of summer sunshine and the last fruits of the orchard. The culinary blogger Paprikas offers youpanna cottas with apricots and white nougat.

Calisson and citrus fruit mousse

The famous chef Jérôme Roy, from the Couvent des Minines restaurant, has come up with a recipe using Le Roy René products: a mousse with calisson and supreme citrus fruits.

With sunny days, what could be better than an iced dessert? Today, we revisit of the traditional Charlotte in an original way by adding , adding poppy sugar  and our delicious calisson cream.

All flavours and textures in one frozen dessert. Discover this crumble tartlet with orchard pear and calisson cream.

White nougat muffins

The muffin is the easy dessert that everyone loves. To make it more appetizing and add a touch of Provence, have you ever thought of adding white nougat cream?

Today, Le Roy René and the famous culinary blogger Elisabeth Scotto, revisit the traditional chocolate cake. Let yourself be surprised by the smoothness of a soft cocoa and calisson.

Apple pie or crown of kings? The culinary blogger “Flo en cuisine” has made her choice, and it will be both. When the crown of kings becomes an apple pie; discover this recipe revisited with black nougat cream.

Calisson toast

For a festive aperitif, the famous culinary blogger Elisabeth Scotto offers us two recipes for toast. A touch of Provence for these sweet and salty recipes to make for your festive evenings at the end of the year.

In this early spring, let’s put a little colour on our plates. The culinary blogger “Afternoon Tea” proposes a small sweet cake, perfect to accompany all the greedy breaks: a bundt cake with calisson cream.

It’s snack time!! What could be better than a good childhood memory: a homemade brioche, melting and soft, with a heart all melted with black nougat.

Peach and calisson pie

Let’s enjoy the last days of summer, get plenty of vitamins and summer fruits. Today it’s sun pie, peaches and calisson.

Would you like a recipe all in white? On this beautiful summer day, discover a white chocolate mousse & white nougat from Provence.

Do you, do you Saint… Provence!! And yes, today we offer you a gourmet and Provençal revisit of the famous Tropezian tart.

Calisson ice cream

To announce the arrival of summer, the culinary blogger “Turbigo gourmandises” reveals her ice cream in the color of Provence: homemade ice cream with calisson.

Would you like to revisit tiramisu? The culinary blogger “Helcuisine” reveals her gourmet and original recipe: a calisson tiramisu.