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Calisson Nougat, the new book by Roy René

Royal epics, Christmas tales, miraculous legends: calisson and nougat are the heroes of a thousand and one tales. They are the delightful novels of Provence, celebrated throughout this book.

The pages of this illustrated book reveal the flavours of a gastronomic heritage that the confectioner Le Roy René has been honouring for a century. They invite the reader to discover the history of the sweets of Provence, the secrets of the manufacture of calisson and nougat or the tradition of blessing the calisson.

Using regional products (almonds, melons...), Le Roy René has imagined twenty-five original and easy recipes based on calissons, black nougat or white nougat.

Five chefs have been given carte blanche to create ten recipes that are as original as they are gourmet: Laila Aouba, Christophe Felder, Patrice Gelbart, Stéphane Jégo and Georgiana Viou.

This is the book that finally highlights with majesty two cult Provençal delicacies.

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