Terms of Sales

Article 1 – Introduction

The Roy René Confectionary offers a sales service away from the Confiseries Provençales by internet. The customer declares to have acknowledged and accepted the present general terms of sale before placing his order. By choosing to purchase the Confiseries provençales, the customer expressly and irrevocably accepts the terms as detailed below.

Article 2 – Legal majority

The customer states to have the capacity to conclude this contract, which selling conditions are presented as follow, that is to say, to have the legal majority and not to be under tutelage or legal guardianship.

Article 3 – Governing law

The applicable regulations to the proposed sale, is the one of the away sale applicable in France to this day, where the Roy René Confectionary reiterates below to the customer, the key terms.

Article 4 – Order recording

When you click on the “validate” button after the ordering process, this means you agree with the order and with the totality of the pending selling terms and conditions without restrictions. This last “click” shall be considered as a hand-writing signature referred in the article 1341 of the French Civil Code, following the “acceptation click”. From the “acceptation click” as indicated below, the order is considered as final and can be sidelined only in the case specifically defined below.

Article 5 – Order confirmation, shipping time

Le Roy René shall confirm receipt of the order to the Customer by e-mail at the address provided by the Customer. This email confirms that the customer order has been taken into account but not that the product ordered is available. Any order placed by the Customer shall only be final after the Customer’s receipt of the order confirmation and the bank’s registration of the full price for the order, including the delivery costs. Any order placed on the Website shall constitute the creation of a distance sales contract entered into between the Customer and the Seller.

Once the order is validate, starting from the date of the order: if the order is placed before 12 pm, it will be process during the day, if, on the contrary, it’s placed after 12pm, it will be process on the next day. Be aware that all orders placed a Friday after 12pm will be process on the next Monday morning. The order preparation can last up to 2 days including, particularly, the order processing, the products preparation, the packaging and the billing before the shipping of the available products. In case of stock shortage, the Roy René Confectionary will make contact with the client, within three working days after the receipt of the confirmation email, in order to suggest him, what the client accepts as of now, even a new time of delivery of the product, or a replacement product, or the cancelation of the order.

Article 6 – Price, payment and billing

Prices are displayed in euros, inclusive and exclusive of VAT at the applicable rate, and do not include delivery costs. Any changes on the VAT rate will be automatically impacted on the products price. The VAT rate applied is a percentage of the sold goods value, of 20% or 5.50% depending on the products for a delivery in France, Corsica and Monaco. The methods of payment allowed are the credit card on the website. The invoice of the order will be joined to the package by a simple request of the customer. The client account will be charged only for the ordered products that will be shipped.

Article 7 – Shipping costs and delivery time

The shipping costs are billed to the customer depending on the package weight, the delivery location and the transport method chosen. They are indicated to the client before the final registration of the order. The clients which orders are superior to 100€ would be able to benefit a free shipping for any delivery in France.

The products are delivered to the delivery address that is indicated during the order process. The indicated timelines are the average time and correspond with the processing times and at the delivery from the postal services for the products for France and Monaco. In case of deliverable products at different dates relating to their availability, the delivery time is based on the longest time period. The Roy René Confectionary reserves the right to split deliveries. Only the shipping products are to be paid, the Roy René Confectionary will refund you the difference between the initial transaction and the products received. The contribution to the processing and shipping fees will be charge for only one shipment. In case of unusual delay, a mail will be send to you.

Article 8 – Geographic area for delivery

The products for sale by the Roy René Confectionary are delivered in France + Monaco + Corsica and worldwide.

Article 9 – Checking of the delivered products

The customer is required to check the condition of the package and the compliance of the products delivered. Any complaint pertaining to visible defects or non-compliance of the delivered product should be indicated by the customer within three days following delivery, by sending:

  • Either a registered letter with an acknowledgement of receipt to the Confiserie du Roy René, 5380 Route d’Avignon (RD7N), 13089 Aix en Provence
  • Either an email at contact@calisson.com and in any case by calling (33)

If no complaint is made within the specified period, the products delivered shall be deemed to be in conformity and accepted by the customer. No products shall be exchanged before having been returned to the Roy René Confectionary, in good shape, as delivered by the Roy René Confectionary good care. Mainly, the product must not be consumed.

Before any return of the product to the Roy René Confectionary, the customer must contact the Roy René Confectionary by calling (33) to obtain a written agreement. Any product resend without prior approval of return will be refused and returned to the sender. At the customer’s request, the Roy René Confectionary commits to return at its cost the ordered product. In case of stock shortage and impossibility by the Roy René Confectionary to furnish the ordered product, the customer shall be offered either a similar product, either the refund for the initial product.

Article 10 – Withdrawal Period

In accordance with applicable laws and regulations, the Customer has seven (7) days with effect from receipt of the product to exercise his cancellation right by notifying the Seller. In the event of exercise of the cancellation right within the above time limit, only the price of the product(s) purchased and the delivery costs shall be refunded. The Customer shall bear the costs of returning the products. The customer will have to send the products in their original product packaging and in a perfect condition so that they can be sold as new. Damaged, soiled or incomplete products shall not be taken back. At the end of the cancellation right, the customer has 48 hours to send the package. The customer will be able to choose on one side, the refund of the paid sums in exchange for returning the product(s) and on the other side, the exchange of the ordered product(s).

Article 11 – Security of transactions

To optimize the security of internet transactions, a payment method online SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is proposed to the customer which allows to crypt, with a 128 bits key, the customer credit card number. Beware: in order to benefit from the SSL secured on-line payment method, the customer must use browsers compatible with SSL system. The compatible browsers are: Netscape Communicator version 4.0 or alter versions, Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or later versions, MAC-OS or later versions.

Article 12 – Retention of ownership

The Roy René Confectionary reserves the right to ownership of the delivered goods until they have been fully paid of principal or in interest. The mere issuance of payment titles does not constitute a payment. The above conditions do not prevent the transfer to the client of risks of loss or deterioration. In the absence of full settlement, The Roy René Confectionary shall legally demand the return of the products delivered at the customer’s expense.

Article 13 – Nominative information

Under French law no.78-17 dated 6 january 1978 relating to Information Technology, Files and Civil Liberties, the information requested to the customer are necessary for the order processing and are addressed to the Roy René Confectionary services. The customer has the right to access data held about him or her and is able to modify them. At request, they can be communicated and corrected in case of error. The customer may also object to the information being communicated to third parties by sending a letter to the Roy René Confectionary.

Article 14 – Force majeure

The Roy René Confectionary declines liability for any non-compliance with its contractual obligations in the event of a case of force majeure, including, but not limited to, catastrophes, fire, internal or external strike and, in general, any event not allowing orders to be processed properly.

Article 15 – Identification of the company

Confiserie du Roy René

5380 Route d’Avignon, RD7N, 13089 Aix en Provence

Phone : (33) / Fax : (33) / contact@calisson.com

registered in the Aix en provence Commercial and Companies Register under no. SIREN: 621 620 921

Article 16 – Entirety

These General Terms and Conditions and the related sections (security, payment, delivery, guarantee, after-sales service) represent all the rights and duties of the parties with respect to the orders for Products on the Internet. No general or specific condition communicated by the customer may be incorporated in these general Sales Terms and Conditions.

Article 17 – Dispute

In the event of a dispute concerning the interpretation or the application of the General Terms and Conditions, the Parties shall make every effort to resolve their dispute in an amicable manner. In case of failure of these attempts, any contestation that can result in the present terms and conditions shall be made, even in case of plurality of the defendants or in case of indemnifying third parties, to the French jurisdictions.

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