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Le Roy René is nearly a hundred years old  and continues to develop its know-how as a Provençal confectioner,
to offer you excellent products.

Almonds and honey from Provence, candied fruits from Apt, melons from Cavaillon or jams in a cauldron,
we carefully select our raw materials for the manufacture of our products.
Thus, we can offer you visibility on what you consume because your satisfaction is our priority.

Calisson cream, nougat cream or seasonal fruit jams, let yourself be transported into a gourmet universe with our recipe ideas. In collaboration with culinary bloggers, make delicious Made in Provence meals at home.

Calissonneuses, nougatiers and confectioners are at the heart of our Factory, in order to make and offer you the best delicacies of Provence. Discover all our Provencal know-how, since 1920.

The latest publications

The first love of the Confiserie du Roy René: the nougat of Provence. Typical confectionery of the south of France, the Roy René makes nougat with great attention, in order to awaken the taste buds of the greediest among you.

A few days away from summer, what could be better than a tart, appetizing and colourful recipe? The culinary blogger “Cuisine moi un mouton” made little lemon cupcakes with our calisson cream, .

Who said you can only find coffee tiramisu. This week, the culinary blogger “Cuisine moi un mouton” revisits the famous Italian sweet, to make a Provençal dessert: a tiramisu with white nougat.

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