Raw materials

The white gold of Confectioners


Le Roy René confectionery uses only with Mediterranean almonds and especially from Provence, which are tastier. If the local production is not sufficient today to satisfy all the needs, Olivier Baussan has the project to develop more the Provencal almond market as his main priority.


Melon is the predominant fruit in this recipe (95% of the candied fruit), and produced exclusively in Cavaillon, Provence. Naturally sweet, it contributes to the final texture of the calisson. The melon is then candied in Apt – the world capital of candied fruit since the 14th century.


Roy René honors the lavender honey IGP Provence, known for its rarity and its typical fruity notes.

It is the emblem of Provence that sublimates the white and unctuous nougat of Roy René. The multi-flower honey of Provence all flowers is married to the almonds to give all the strength and the  crunchiness of the black nougat.


Spurred on by Olivier Baussan and Laure Pierrisnard, the Confectionary CEO, a major campaign to encourage the planting of almond trees has been launched.

The intention is simple: to boost the production of almonds in Provence by encouraging farmers to plant new hectares of almond trees, offering them a wide local output thanks to longterm purchasing contracts.

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