Custom Calissons



Your own personalized calissons for all your celebrations!

A word, a drawing or a name … Roy René personalizes the famous calisson to give all these creations your ultimate touch.
These small provencal diamond-shaped sweets come in many sizes and flavours to make each bite a “personalized smile.”


Different personalizations

 Calisson d’Aix (5 cm) : almond flavour only
 Small calisson (3.5 cm): choose a flavour from the list of available* flavours

*Available flavors: almond, raspberry, pear, fig, orange, mandarin, lemon, rose, lavender, violet, caramel, chocolate.

Price (individual customer)

 Calisson d’Aix (5 cm) : from €0.90 tax inc/unit*
Minimum quantity:72 units
 Petit calisson (3,5 cm) : €0.90 tax inc/unit*
Minimum quantity: 140 units

*Price according to quantity ordered


Is the ink edible?
For the personalization of your calisson, we use black vegetable ink which is edible.

What can I put on my calisson ?
A first name, a small text or even a drawing, you have many personalization possibilities. Our teams can advise you if you have any doubts about the place for customization.

What do the printed calissons look like?
The printed calissons are delivered on plastic trays:
– for the classic calissons d’Aix: there are 18 unitson a tray (minimum of 4 trays)
– for small calissons: there are 35 units on a tray (minimum of 4 trays)

How soon will I be delivered?
The time between your order and delivery is 1 MONTH.

You wish to personalize your calissons?

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