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The history began in 1920 in the heart of Aix-en-Provence.


Nougat: first love of Roy René

In the heart of Aix-en-Provence, the historic capital of the almond, there was once a small confectioner’s workshop called the “Nougaterie du Roy René”.
In 1920, Ernest Guillet, a passionate artisanal nougat maker, took over the workshop so that he could make his own nougat and calisson recipes there.
He worked with the very best regional produce and stayed true to traditional Provençal methods. The confectionery was an immediate success.


The second generation: the return of the calisson

In 1947, Ernest Guillet’s son, René, decided to revive one of the city’s famous sweets, and an emblem of Provence: the «câlin provençal» (literally, the “Provençal hug”), or Calisson. It wasn’t long before calissons became the heart of the business, prompting the company to change its name to «Calissons du Roy René» in 1948.

Maurice FARINE

The third generation: a burst of new flavours

In 1980, Anne Guillet, daughter of René, took over the reins of the company and carried on the tradition, ensuring that calisson lovers could continue to enjoy all the flavour and fineness of this Provençal delicacy. She married Maurice Farine, who became CEO of the business, and allows the development of the company.


A new impetus

With almost a century of expertise behind it, Olivier Baussan, child of Provence and founder of L’OCCITANE, Ecomusée de l’Olivier, d’Oliviers & Co and shareholder of delicatessens Maison Brémond 1830. has arrived.

A man with a deep love for Provence, Olivier Baussan has already done much to support the lavender and olive industries. Now he has great ambitions for almonds…and calissons!

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CEO since 2014, Laure Pierrisnard promises to the Confectionery of the Roy René a brilliant future of spokesman of taste and flavors of Provence aroud the world.
«I grew up with Calissons d’Aix. They were part of my childhood. I will always associate them with the much-anticipated Christmas Eve meal. Today, the entire team from the Confiserie du Roy René and myself are dedicated to sharing this traditional delicacy with people throughout the world.»


1996 Les Cézanne du Marketing, Nomination d’honneur « Marketing Grand Public ».

1999 Master of Gold, European General Masters Competition

2001 Prix Jacques Léon-Tradition et Modernitey, Fondation Louis Vouland >Read more

2003 Calisson Cream elected flavor of the year.

2006 Diplôme d’Honneur of the Confrérie Gastronomique de la Marmite d’Or >Read more

2008 Calissons chips elected flavor of the year.

2009 Trophée International des Chefs d’Or.

2012 Grand prize for SIAL innovation

2014 Grand prize for growth companies, Agri-food and Bio.

Label of Mediterranean Sustainable Building >Read more

BPI France : Excellence, Growth and Innovation Potential >Read more

2016 Label IFS : International Food Standard >Read more

Label SMETA : Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit >Read more

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